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OrdertoNigeria can help you find new and exciting profitable business opportunities in the USA that can be replicated in Nigeria. We are not limited to sourcing of business opportunities; we can also assist you with fact findings, new ventures, new startups, emerging market technologies, and various deals. We can assist in all business areas. All we need is an email informing us about what you would like for us to get for you. Send all info to

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We offer proven, reliable and reputable shopping and delivery services. We are your gateway to shops in the USA. We provide world-class access to the most highly reputable stores in the USA, such as, Apple, Calvin Klein, Gucci, Prada, Polo by Ralph Lauren, Gap, JCPenny, Dell, Toshiba, Sony, Honda, Toyota, Caterpillar and Mercedes Benz.

Our expertise and specialties include; simplifying payment systems and parameters, receipt of your purchased merchandises from the stores, storage (if required), arranging pre-shipment inspections, customs clearance for shipment, freight by Air or Sea to Nigeria and delivery of your highly valued merchandises to your location in Nigeria.