Cars & Suvs


Are you in need of a new or pre-owned car or truck? If so, you have come to the right place. We can help you with all your cars and trucks purchase. We have several dealerships and auctions that we can go to for sourcing of good and dependable cars at the right price for you.

We can also assist you with buying salvage or accident cars whereby you can in turn repair for personal use or for profit.We only need you to provide us the details below and we will work from there:

1)         Make and Model of the car.

2)         Specific year range.

3)         Color

4)         Specific options 

5)         Price range (if we are responsible for sourcing the vehicle)

Please forward your responses to the above to our email box

Scenarios for buying Cars / Trucks

1) You find a car and you ask us to pick it up and ship it to Nigeria for you. With this service, we have a commission that is charged. Our fee is $300.00 per car. Customer is responsible for all other charges.

2) We give you an approximate amount for a car, you deposit the approximate dollar amount into our GTB Dollar account, we buy the car, transport it to the port, ship it to Nigeria and we deliver it to you. Our fee is $500. Customer is responsible for all other charges.

Please note that as with all shipments, Order To Nigeria is not responsible for damages to cars/trucks when not in our care. Once the car/truck has been delivered to the port, we are no longer responsible for scratches, dents or anything that happens to the car/truck due to terminal and ports.