Are you looking for any specific part for your car, truck, or machine? We can help you source for any particular part that you need. And yes, they are original genuine parts.

We have helped countless customers to source for parts for their cars, equipments, boats, planes, oil installation equipments etc.

You can browse through the listed websites or your own choice of websites for your item(S) and then complete our Order Form or you can email us with all relevant details.

Send your requests to and we shall get back to you.

We need the below info in order for us to process your order:

1. Make and model of the car / truck
2. The VIN (vehicle identification number)
3. The specific part you are looking for?
4. Part number if available
5. New or pre-owned?
6. Quantity
7. Estimated cost?
8. Any other info that might aid us in sourcing for the equipment

You can also locate the part that you are looking for and we can help you acquire it and ship it down to Nigeria.