How to place an order is an online portal that allows customers to have a gateway to shop for items from the USA to Nigeria.

Steps to Shop:

1. Customer clicks on any of the Categories that are on the site to select a shop to buy things from or he/she can also directly visit any site and use the “ORDER NOW” form on the ORDERTONIGERIA’S website homepage, directly under the ”CART” button, and click on “ORDER NOW” on that page.


2. Once the customer decides on what he/she wants to purchase, he should then copy the website address of that item (right-click on the item on the page it is listed,and not the item's exact page), and other relevant information (sku numbers, color, size, type etc) that can be used to identify the item and then go to “CART” when he/she is done


3. The customer hits “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT” when he is satisfied with the items in the cart or click on “CONTINUE SHOPPING” if otherwise, and then go through steps 1-3 again.

You can also choose to save that order by clicking on "ADD TO WISHLIST" if you would like to continue with your order another time, and you can retrieve that order by clicking on “MY ACCOUNT” on the home page and then “ORDER DETAILS” on that page.

4. The customer will be prompted to register for a user account or login with your account details if you have already registered.

5. Once the customer opens or login into the account, he/she can then click on the “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT” button.

6. Customer hits submit and the order automatically gets submitted to  the OrdertoNigeria Team

7. An email is then generated to the customer detailing the total cost of the goods (cost to our US location, Insurance, discounts (if applicable), cost to ship the item to Nigeria and also to clear the item).

8. Once the customer and OrdertoNigeria agree on the total cost, the customer is then sent a payment link via email, where the customer will be asked to use any of our payment methods to make his/her payment.

9. Goods are purchased and shipped as soon as the payment is received

10. Customer picks up items from our Lagos office or we can deliver for a minimal fee

For questions or comments, send an email to us.

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