Returns and Refunds

  • Once an item is purchased for a customer and shipped to our USA office, the item can only be returned if:
    • The online store allows for items to be returned.
    • The customer agrees to pay to OrdertoNigeria the return shipping charges plus other charges too.
  • An item can only be returned after been shipped to Nigeria only:
    • If damages occur when the items are in our custody, or in case of manufacturer's defect we shall get a replacement order out within 14 to 21days. Shipping charges is on us. All items must be returned in their original product packaging.
    • If a physical damage occurs during shipment, we shall help the customer to file a claim with the respective shipping carrier. In this case, the insurance policy purchased by the customer kicks in. The customer would have to file a claim with the carrier (DHL, UPS, or FedEx). We advise our customers to have the right insurance values on their goods.



OrdertoNigeria will only refund money back to customers if the goods that they plan on purchasing are not available at the time of purchase. At that point, a staff of Ordertonigeria would call / email the customer to see which option best suits the situation. Money is refunded back immediately.

After purchasing an item, should a customer decide to return the item for a refund, Ordertonigeria would contact the seller of the item and then work with them on getting the refund. It all depends on the refund policies of the seller. Please note that the user is responsible for all charges related to the refunds. Once the refund is accepted, the time period for refunds includes:

7 to 10 business days for us to get the item back to the online store and process the refund
3 -5 days for us to credit your account

We will notify you via SMS / e-mail once we have received and processed the returned item


Items can only be exchanged before they get shipped to Nigeria. However, the customer would have to pay for the extra shipping charges and other miscellaneous charges such as packaging materials etc. All of this is contingent on the online store allowing exchanges.

******Once an item is checked, verified to be ok, signed for, and picked up at any of our collection centers, the transaction has been completed and cannot be returned or exchanged.


Order To Nigeria is not responsible for any manufacturers' warranty. The customer is advised to contact their respective manufacturers for all warranty related matters.